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The Many Reasons to Love Oysters — Even If You Hate Them

The health benefits of these shelled beauties just might convert you

We’re diving right in to tell all about oysters — the shelled gems of the sea with their distinctive, chewy texture and salty, briny, fishy-fresh flavor. It’s a texture and taste you either totally love — or maybe won’t even float.

If you’re already on board with oysters you’re already getting the benefit of enjoying a real delicacy. But have you ever wondered if oysters are good for you? Or if oysters have any health benefits?

If you’re not in the oyster camp yet, you might want to join now. Because they’ve got a lot more going for them than their unique sea-like flavor profile.

Love ‘em because they’re low-cal

Oysters vary in size, based on the location they are coming from. Regardless they are extremely low in calories. In a serving of six medium-sized oysters (wild, raw or steamed) you’ll consume less than 50 calories. That’s 50 calories, total which makes them very heart-healthy. It’s no wonder people order them by the dozen.

High-five for being high in protein

Each oyster can have up to 2g of protein, depending on their size. That means a half-dozen oysters can give you around 12 grams of protein which is equivalent to about 2 oz of meat.

Eating oysters replenishes lost vitamins and nutrients

With age, men and women alike can become deficient in some of these vitamins and minerals. We may not eat enough foods containing important nutrients, or an illness or medication can affect our body’s ability to absorb some of the vital ones.

It turns out they’re a rich source of these key nutrients when eaten:

  • Vitamin D.

  • Copper.

  • Zinc.

  • Selenium.

  • Iron.

  • Vitamin B12.

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