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A party for your mouth! This Easy Seafood Gumbo recipe is on the table quickly and easily. Loaded with authentic creole flavors and tons of seafood, this classic Louisiana Seafood Gumbo is a favorite dinner for every occasion.


▢ 5 tbsp butter

▢ 4 tbsp flour

▢ 1 cup chopped sweet onion

▢ 1 cup chopped red bell pepper

▢ 1 cup chopped yellow bell pepper

▢ 2 celery stalks chopped

▢ 1 1/2 cups sliced smoked andouille sausage approximately 3 links

▢ 2 garlic cloves minced

▢ 1 tsp ground mustard

▢ 1 tsp cayenne pepper

▢ 1 1/2 tsp paprika

▢ 1 tsp garlic powder or granulated garlic

▢ 1 tsp creole seasoning

▢ 1 tsp file powder

▢ 32 ounces chicken stock

▢ 1 pound peeled and deveined shrimp

▢ 1 cup jumbo lump crabmeat

▢ 6 ounces oysters and juices

▢ 1 bay leaf

▢ 1 tsp kosher salt

▢ 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

▢ 2 cups cooked white rice


Melt the butter in a large dutch oven or stock pot over medium/high heat.

Whisk in the flour and continue whisking until the mixture starts to turn golden brown and smell nutty, approximately 3-4 minutes. (Do not stop whisking or the roux will burn.)

Stir in the onion, bell pepper and celery. Continue cooking for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly, until the vegetables begin to soften.

Add the sausage to the pot and stir to combine. Cook for 1 minute longer.

Stir in the garlic, mustard, cayenne, garlic powder, creole seasoning and file powder. Cook for 1 minute longer, stirring constantly and scraping up any brown bit on the bottom of the pan.

Slowly add the chicken stock to the pot stirring to combine. Bring the soup to a boil.

Turn the heat to low. Stir in the shrimp and oysters with oyster liquor (juices). Add the bay leaf, salt and pepper to the soup and stir to combine.

Simmer for 10 minutes or until the soup begins to thicken. Stir in the crabmeat.

Serve the seafood gumbo over rice, if desired. Sprinkle with chopped green onions and parsley for an extra pop of color.

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