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Crispy Whole Fish with Chili and Coriander Sauce

Serves 4

1 whole fish, white-fleshed, approx. 2-3 lbs 1 T minced garlic 1/2 T minced ginger 2 red Thai chilis, mincd 2 scallions, chopped 1 T rice wine 4 T soy sauce 1 T fish sauce 3 T sugar 3 T rice vinegar 1/2 t white pepper 1/3 cup cilantro, roughly chopped 1 small carrot, shredded Oil for deep frying

Pat the fish dry with paper towels. Make a few slits on both sides and season the fish with sea salt. Fill a wok with the oil deep enough to submerge your fish and heat to 350 F. Deep-fry the fish until golden brown and cooked. Remove from the wok and drain on paper towels.

Add 1 T of oil to a sauté pan on medium heat. Brown the garlic, ginger, chili and scallions until fragrant. Add the rice wine, soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, rice vinegar and white pepper.

Bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat.

Place the fish on the serving plate. Scatter half of the cilantro and shredded carrots over the fish. Pour the sauce over the fish, and put the remaining half of the cilantro and carrots on top. Serve immediately with steamed rice.

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