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Cucumber Shrimp Sushi Boats with Spicy Mayo

These viral cucumber sushi shrimp boats with spicy mayo are one the favourite recipes So easy to prep and perfect for lunch or dinner if you want something lighter but also filling.


  • 2 mini cucumbers — halved and scooped

  • 12-14 peeled and deveined large tiger shrimp

  • ½ cup of cooked sushi or jasmine rice

  • tablespoon of avocado oil — or any oil

  • salt pepper, paprika,garlic powder, chipotle chilli pepper, all to taste — or any seafood seasoning you enjoy

  • spicy mayo or mayoracha


  • Wash and pat dry the cucumber. Cut it in half and with a small spoon, scoop out the inside, it should look like a boat.

  • Pat it dry as cucumber holds a lot of water and add the cooked rice of choice. You can wet the tip of your fingers a bit so that the rice doesn’t stick to your hands.

  • In a separate bowl add the peeled and deveined shrimp and make sure you pat it dry if it was defrosted and wet. Add a tablespoon of oil and any seasoning you love.

  • In a pan on medium-high heat add a touch more oil and let it heat up well. The shrimp should sizzle once you place them in the pan. Cook them for 1-2 minutes on each side.

  • Remove them from the pan and place 3-4 shrimps on each boat. In a separate little bowl add any mayo you love and as much sriracha or hot sauce as you like and mix it together.

  • You can also buy spicy mayo at the grocery store or mayoracha. If you don’t like heat you can drizzle on some kewpie mayo instead. Optionally sprinkle sesame seeds or everything but the bagel seasoning on top. Enjoy

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